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Noon Store Setup and Management

Noon Marketplace

As the latest outcome of the IoT, several retailers have enrolled on marketplaces online like Noon. In contrast, the internet allows sellers to reach out to millions of buyers all over the world. B The world of e-commerce in Middle East is developing at an incredible rate. Noon comes forth as a trusted online marketplace with the highest number of sellers on the web and an a vast product line. Our capabilities in managing markets for your brand are backed by in-house technology, unparalled expertise and exemplary levels of quality and efficiency. Our comprehensive solutions ensure you receive the highest return for your investment when using the Noon Marketplace. Your quest for a professional team to herald your brand while managing activities from monitoring the inventory to scaling sales, ends on us. We ensure your sales avenues work effectively to maximize the value of your conversions across the world.

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Are you aware of what you must take to increase your sales through Noon Marketplace? Noon Marketplace? Do you want to join us join us?

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What is Noon?

What is Noon? / Noon is the Middle East’s homegrown online marketplace. It could rightly be called the ‘Amazon of the Middle East’.

Why should you sell items at


Noon offers businesses access to an internationally-based sales platform that comes with no upfront cost. Noon.com can store, package and ship products from sellers to their clients. It also offers customers assistance with customer service as well as handle returns. Secure payment infrastructure reduces the risks for sellers.

Customers who want to buy your products don’t need to wait for an appointment in person to purchase. They can visit your website to buy your products and enjoy delivery to their home. When you sell products online it does not only benefit the consumer but also boosts the amount of money you make.

There is no upfront cost
Easy Delivery & Return
Secure Payment Infrastructure

What are we able

Team of employees working on business report, using data and information on documets to plan presentation. Doing teamwork and brainstomring ideas to create company research project.
  • Advice strategy and planning stemming from an in-depth analysis of the business vis-a-vis the market.
  • A holistic business plan that will place and promote your product at Noon with a focus to increase sales.
  •  SEO-friendly content in relevance to the eCommerce industry (optimising search parameters for engines) for improved visibility across the platform.
  • Aiming for higher organic rankings from a launchpad platform that corelates marketing efforts with management on Noon Marketplace.
  •  Map product and keyword targeting and create ads focusing on titles that appeal to customers. (Optimising parameters to increase, even the number of clicks funnelling from related search results.
  • Content-optimised Menu – absolute & adequate product description making way for increased conversion rates and greater visibility in search.
  •  Effective price tips to cut costs and boost sales.
  • Coupon campaigns that raise awareness and drive sales. 
  • Use of Promo Codes & Try Money 
  • Buy One Get One Promotion to get more visibility & conversions.
  •  Increase brand reach and recall.

Gain competitive advantages

Discover new markets and attract more attention to your site’s markets that match your business.

Review the competitors and products that are similar to yours, and create price strategies that remain competitive and boost sales for your company.

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Our Service Offers include:

Keyword research

Keyword research is an essential aspect that determines the success of an eCommerce SEO strategy. Our experts carry out a thorough keyword research to get your brand to the top position in check with the guidelines of Noon.

Optimizing Your Noon Product List

For online sellers gaining highest optimisation is vital to draw the most suitable customers. We carry out detailed optimisation procedures for listings of products with apt product names and specifications. Detailed and accurate descriptions of the products in addition to reviews and pictures are a key in the exercise of creating a customer impression.

New product research

The process of coming up with product concepts can be challenging. Not when you have us as your Marketplace arm. Our team suggests and supports with novel product ideas. Our suggestions are backed by market study of what and not sells.

Account Management

Managing and nurturing existing accounts is as key to a business as acquiring new ones. The onus of building and retaining a reputable and loyal client base falls on the efficiency of the customer service team. We specialise in onboarding, retention and management of eCommerce accounts.

Auditing Account

We recommend timely and regular audits of existing accounts across platforms. This ensures a cleanup of database, inventory and clientele that is based off an exhaustive study of of the existing accounts..

Noon product photography

Product shoots specifically for eCommerce platforms employs techniques that showcase products in the most appealing and detailed views. We specialize in commercial photo shoots for products and premises.