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Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising in Dubai

Programmatic Advertising Solutions has changed online advertising. With the growth of the digital media industry, consumers are now used to greater efficiency, automation and personalisation. But these benefits come with complications that creates a chasm between customers and sellers while snubbing innovation. Zero transparency of the process alongside erratic reports & insights creates a digital muck that is incomprehensible to the business. Its easy ground for agencies to step in and reap though. We come in to make method out of this madness. We assist brands in leveraging potentially apt media platforms, thus focusing on revenue and sales. We tailor-make programmatic marketing strategies that fit our clients like a glove.

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Reach Users At Scale Quickly And Safely

Why DV360? If you’re looking to gain new customers via branding and insight-driven engagement, DV360 should be your choice. With coverage spanning over 80 exchanges, it directly puts your business at the helm of direct bidding a

nd buying of inventory. Digital Advertising technology that allows businesses to design creatives, organize audience data, purchase inventory and optimize campaigns. All this seamlessly, while collaborating across teams in sharing campaign data and insights. DV360 also integrates all major third-party verification methods at an additional cost to improve overall security and to prevent ad fraudulence.

Massive Audience

Media Purchasing Experts

DV360 is a private Marketplace as well as Programmatic Ad plaform. With guaranteed offers that can be set within the interface, DV360 provids a great alternative for direct media purchasing. Brands now have access to an easy-to-use troubleshooting tool which offers flexibility to tweak the right audience. The interface is a GDPR-compliant third-party database that helps brands focus on the appropriate demography. The advantage of data analysis is that it permits the fine-tuning of every aspect of your advertising budget. The robust DV360 dashboard also offers potential to target specific industries or individuals. Based on our experience and expertise, we can assist you to get the most out of DV360’s insight-driven engagement capabilities, which will result in targeted traffic and reduced marketing costs.

Reporting Based On Insights

If your display activities are focused on gaining insight and knowing your goal segment, DV360 provides some amazing studies on the market. Reports on audience composition and performance let advertisers know how third-party lists are compared to their current activities and categorizing against data from first-party sources. Reach reports give additional details about the number of people who are reached by your advertising campaigns and, in turn the amount of times they’ve served an ad.

Streamlined Workflow Throughout The Google Marketing Platform

The significance of these platforms working in conjunction is evident from Google’s decision to combine the DoubleClick stack of products into a integrated market platform (GMP). In particular, there are substantial workflow benefits when the features of Campaign Manager, Google’s ad-serving technology (previously DCM), and Studio Google’s creative workflow tool, are combined. Before you launch the DV360 advertising campaign, our specialists will work together to create an actual strategy for buying media to help you target an appropriate audience using the right type of media to promote your brand.