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Influencer Marketing

Over 70% from UAE customers, while deciding on items and services, is advised by opinion makers.


Influencer advertising was identified to be more efficient than native or banner ads in the media.


We arrange turnkey influencer marketing, and efficiently accomplish the following tasks of communication:

Brand rapid launch

The ability to gain information due to the extensive coverage and the high level of confidence in the opinion leader

Change in perception of brands

A change in attitude toward it because of a more than a common "hit" to the beliefs of the intended audience

The increase in the proportion of the voice of the brand (share of voice)

Markets that are highly competitive, it's not feasible or cost-effective to achieve this through traditional media channels (TV or radio advertising on outdoor and so on.)

The method that involves working closely with influential people

Strategy development

We will design the most efficient way to meet your objectives through the influencer model based on numbers:

Let’s look at this product as well as its competition in their communication fields positioning, differentiation, strategies for the media field;

Determine the intended audience by analyzing the values, lifestyle and media consumption

We will decide on the criteria and the characteristics used in choosing bloggers based on the goal of the campaign.

We will decide on the best media channels for communication based on preferences of the public by paying attention to the advertising and putting it in the right hands;

We will develop KPI measurement metrics for achievement and assessment methodologies.

Creative concept development

Let’s create scenarios to reach the goals we have set with the power of imagination:


Let’s discuss in detail the tone and semantics of brand communications in the near future;

We will create ideas that are that are adapted to the contexts that consumers encounter when using a product or service (occasions) as well as insights from consumers;

Formulate claims of power for the brand and message guidelines to be used in each situation of consumption;

We adapt our ideas to various formats and platforms.

We will discuss the involved mechanics, create scenarios, with a focus on. for alternative channels (special projects, etc. );

We will design a crucial visual as well as a potential extension of the idea to the social. networks as well as other contact points.

Evaluation of the results and report

We’ll create a common and transparent system for evaluating performance metrics, and create an instrument for monitoring and reporting


Find the factors that can be measured to reach your goals.

Examine whether the metrics are in line in achieving business goals;

We will establish the best qualitative and quantitative indicators (required coverage and the dynamics of subscribers engagement, required coverage as well as engagement.) We will determine KPI with an expert-designed and machine-generated model;

We will present an outline of the measurement frequency and performance evaluations;

We will create monthly reports about the progress we have made in reaching the targets.